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Rebekah Sara Fishers IslandSara & Rebekah Maysles, Fishers Island, 2002. • by Mimi Gross

Sara Maysles established the Maysles Films, Inc. photo and paper archives in 2004 and continues to work there as the main photo/paper materials archivist while completing her undergraduate degree concentrating in Cinema and Tibetan Studies at Gallatin School of Individualized Studies at NYU. In 2008, collaborating with Steidl Press in Germany and the Steven Kasher Gallery in NYC, she co-edited A Maysles Scrapbook: Photographs / Cinemagraphs / Documents, a book which combines materials from the photo, paper and film archives to trace a visual history of Maysles Films and of the photographic and cinematographic work of one of it’s founders in particular, Albert Maysles.

Rebekah Maysles was born in New York City and moved to Philadelphia to study painting and art history at The Tyler School of Art. She is a painter and photographer and now lives full time in New York. She has been working with Maysles Films for the past five years on archive preservation and redevelopment. In addition she has worked on a variety of print media projects including the Sourcebook of American Chatter and Megawords Magazine.

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    Quotes from the outtake audio of documentary film Grey Gardens: Little Edie [LE], Big Edie [BE], Albert [A], David [D]. Handpicked (almost) Daily.