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“Will you eat some liver pâté? You- you kitties?”

…and a feast of food.

Big Edie's Corn

“The only thing in life I like is music. Outside of music I don’t care about anything. I love to eat though, I adore to eat.” – Little Edie

No Grey Gardens celebration would be complete without some hot-plate boiled corn, wonderbread and pâté. It’s true that combination can often fall a little flat but Miriam Bale and the folks at Society of the Crumb (whose artistic sensibilities are right up our alley) have taken the basics of Grey Gardens cuisine and created the perfect menu for the day(s). All that on a tight Grey Gardens-type budget, to boot. I simply can’t wait for the Wonder Bread pudding!

Planning your own feast…

“You better take your protein. You’ll look like an old hag if you don’t. ” – Big Edie

Some of the other foods eaten at Grey Gardens during the filming included lots of roast chickens, cheese whiz (pronounced chiz wiz), carr’s crackers, saltines, rice crackers, quiche-lorraine, caviar, lobster, kentucky bourbon hard sauce (though they never quite figured out what to put it on). Of course large quantities of ice cream were consumed: maple walnut, fudge royal, chocolate-mint, strawberry, coffee, chocolate, vanilla… Jerry brought over fresh squash, corn, and pineapple.  For health, only plain old raw onions would do for Little Edie, raw garlic in the winter.

Jerry served the drinks when he was around – his specialty: Rum and Coca-cola with two slices of peach (thus the popularity of that song at Grey Gardens).  I like to call it “The Marble Fawn”. Otherwise Vodka and lemon with water for Big Edie, Miller High Life for the boys, or alternately Tab, and plenty of Vichy water or Perrier.

Toms Edie SaladAnd if you want to imitate Grey Gardens circa the late 1950’s you can always attempt to recreate the Tom “Tex” Logan Aspic Mold Salad, mentioned in the book, embellished in some way with Edie’s name on or in it.

Just remember to be careful not to get too carried away:

Little Edie: I didn’t feel so hot this morning – see I mixed too many things. The champale with the pâté with the mint ice cream with the butterscotch sauce with the caviar with the…
Al: I brought some more groceries this time [laughs]
LE: You were terrific. I hid all your water from the Marble Faun. Your bottles, you know, because I don’t want him to cultivate a taste for spring water – it would happen in a minute. Mother would get him to cultivate a taste for spring water. You know, by teaching him and soon he wouldn’t be drinking the tap water, he’d always be taking the Vichy. So I had a very busy day – now I have everything hidden in different places and everything. And I’ll never remember where I put them. So I’ve been walking around all day in that house, just fit to be – I never get anywhere, you know.

But then again…

“You can eat anything if you have the right mind. Just say this is not gonna make me fat and it’s good food and I’m gonna eat it.” – Big Edie

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  1. Terianne says:

    This book is such a gift to all the people like me who adore “The Edies” and think “Little Edie” is really like a prophet, very advanced and special. I think she is my guru. This book gives us all more insights and words and fills my life with smiles and adoration, I can’t thank you enough!!

    June 29th, 2010 at 9:48 am

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  • @Grey_Gardens

    Quotes from the outtake audio of documentary film Grey Gardens: Little Edie [LE], Big Edie [BE], Albert [A], David [D]. Handpicked (almost) Daily.