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“Now you see why you lived – cause you had music all the time” – Big Edie

A musical feast…


After the cabaret on Saturday night, DJ Ben Brunnemer, will be setting the mood for us all to expose our inner Edies. Here’s one of Ben’s mixes from 45s: part 1 and part 2 I think it’s perfect music for a rainy day like today… or any day, for that matter.  Ben often DJ’s for fashion shows which I have to say I find that rather appropriate – considering Little Edie’s own constant fashion show that was Grey Gardens.

“Unless the man’s a dancer or understands music, there’s no point in my even meeting him. I found that out.” – Little Edie

It is well known that the two Edie Beales were solidly versed in the classics of the Musical stage. However, because copyright issues kept certain songs out of the original documentary, what few people know is just how diverse the Beales’ musical appreciation really was. On the one hand they listened to opera, 1950’s crooners and WWII era songs like the Andrew’s sister’s Rum and Coca-cola, but on the other Little Edie often remarked on her belief that the Rolling Stones were the best music group; showed avid appreciation for Carlos Montoya, Neil Young, the Beatles; and did a wild dance to Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground”. Big Edie also enjoyed the modern classics of 1973; while listening to Blood, Sweat and Tears she proclaimed that that’s what she’d to dance to, if only she could get up. If there was good music playing on the radio, you could be sure the Beales would appreciate it.

“You know what singing is, don’t ya? Just breath and brains, that’s all.” – Big Edie

And here’s Big Edie singing a strange song from her youth “The spider and the fly“, a song I could find no documentation of anywhere on the internet – anyone know where it comes from? (again, this is completely unmastered)

And while I have no rights cleared for Big Edie’s own singing of “Rum and Coca-cola”, someone kindly uploaded my favorite non-Beale version of that song: Video not available

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  1. BJK says:

    Excellent post. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

    June 12th, 2009 at 1:02 am

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  • @Grey_Gardens

    Quotes from the outtake audio of documentary film Grey Gardens: Little Edie [LE], Big Edie [BE], Albert [A], David [D]. Handpicked (almost) Daily.