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Designing Grey Gardens

We’re getting ready for the STAUNCH! festival, here in Harlem on this gray Wednesday.

Anne Koch with Pinky

Anne Koch with our very own Pinky

Yesterday Rebekah and the wonderful set designer Anne Koch went to a prop house and found wonders such as this taxidermied cat to the left.  Our collection of Grey Gardens inspired miscellany is growing exponentially. I have to say Anne is a dream to work with – seeking out the odds and ends of our Grey Gardens environment for the festival and sending us fantastic sketches of her conceptualizations of the space. I’ll post more pictures when we set to work, piecing this all together.

“I feel so strongly about mementos and everything because of Mother…”-Little Edie

Rebekah and I also went to my apartment after the radio show yesterday to pick up a few items – a birdcage, sea shells, a Buddha or two, a Spanish fan, one maraca, a bedside table… Looking over my room and my own various altars of miscellany I suddenly realized just how much Little Edie has inspired my interior design choices. Particularly the scene in which little Edie goes through all her “memerobale-ia” and re-decorates her brothers’ old room (which Little Edie also called “the animal room”, as though just one room in that house were an animal room).

Then again, the comments in this VBS interview with my father indicate that my own mother’s interior design sense might have a little something to do with it, too. (e.g.: anonymous writes “his house is like an antiques store on crack. i love it.”)

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    Quotes from the outtake audio of documentary film Grey Gardens: Little Edie [LE], Big Edie [BE], Albert [A], David [D]. Handpicked (almost) Daily.