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STAUNCH! The Ultimate Grey Gardens Festival

Staunch! June 12th, 13th, & 14th


June 12-14th 2009

Curated by Rebekah and Sara Maysles

We decided to get in the act and bring it all back to the house that Grey Gardens built. STAUNCH! is a tribute to the documentary film and most of all, to its many, many fans. Hang out in our living, breathing diorama of Big and Little Edie’s bedroom as recreated by artists and designers, with ephemera, specialty foods and sound booths with outtakes of dialogue from the two ladies.

Friday, June 12

@ 8pm: Screening of Grey Gardens, Dir. Albert and David Maysles (1976) 94 min.

@ 9:30pm: Unpacking Grey Gardens Panel
Michael Henry Adams, Author of “Harlem: Lost and Found”
Jerry Torre, aka The Marble Fawn, Grey Gardens documentary
Scott Frankel, composer Grey Gardens Musical
Mr. Mickey, Paper Magazine
Albert Maysles,  Grey Gardens documentary director and cinematographer
Rebekah Maysles, painter and illustrator Grey Gardens book
Sara Maysles, editor Grey Gardens book

Saturday, June 13th

@ 1pm: Grey Gardens, Dir. Albert and David Maysles (1976) 94 min.
@ 4pm: Book signing of the new Grey Gardens book-authors Rebekah and Sara Maysles with the one and only Albert Maysles!
@8pm: Live cabaret and burlesque show, sing along contests, prizes! Come perform, join in or sit on the sidelines. Grey Gardens Revolutionary costumes encouraged.  Linda Simpson MCing with performances by Bambi the Mermaid and Miss Clams Casino, DJ Ben Brunnemer on the turntables!

Sunday, June 14th

@ 2pm: The Beales of Grey Gardens, Dir. Albert and David Maysles (2006) 91 min.
@ 5pm: Grey Gardens, Dir. Albert and David Maysles (1976) 94 min.

At the Maysles Cinema
343 Malcolm X Blvd (between 127th and 128th St),
New York, NY 10027

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*Limited number of early reservations available. Call (212)582-6050 or email us at cinema@mayslesfilms.com

Food designed and executed by Miriam Bale of The Society of the Crumb, and environment designed by Anne Koch, set designer

Gay Gardens

Little Edie and a host of fabulous Harlemites coming soon to the Maysles Cinema in Harlem

Little Edie at her coming out party and a bevy of out Harlemites coming soon to the Maysles Cinema

“If you can get a fairy, boy, you’ve got a good man in bed.” – Little Edie

(The above links to – unmastered – audio of one of many of Little Edie’s theories on marriage, this one perhaps a little more befuddling to me than most)

The East Village Radio space
East Village Radio

And here‘s a link to the East Village Radio radio show, Andrew Andrew’SoundSound we were on yesterday.

During the show, one of the Andrews brought up the relationship between Grey Gardens and the gay community. I forgot to mention that we intentionally planned this festival as a part of pride month, followed by Homo Harlem, a celebration of the many incredible gay people who worked, lived and loved in Harlem including James Baldwin, Dorothy West, Audre Lorde, amongst others. As many know, a crucial component of the original Grey Gardens‘ core base is gay men and women. Many people have their own theories on just why there is such a deep connection. I like the theory that my father, Albert Maysles, likes to expound upon: Grey Gardens is the ultimate “coming out” story – two women neglected by society, living fabulously (in their own way), finally get recognized and loved for whom they are by the world at large.

Michael Henry Adams, a long time Harlem resident, writer and the curator of the Homo Harlem series, will also appear on our Unpacking Grey Gardens panel Friday night. A full schedule of Maysles Cinema’s roster for the month can be found here.

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